How To Get
Over 230 Calls To Your Business in 3 Months From ONLY A Google Local Search
But 1st a little story on how I was able to acheive this;
It all started about 8 years ago, I was a 55-year-old handyman and I was looking online for a way to replace my income. I didn't know anything about the internet and knew I needed to learn about marketing to be able to make any money at all. So, I spent over 2 years buying every marketing book, class and course, not to mention endless days and nights of testing and retesting to see what works. And then one day, I searched for the product I was trying to sell online and to my surprise there I was #1. Since I still had a handyman service, I thought maybe there was a way to get my service listed on the 1st page in a Google local search. To my amazement in less than 2 weeks, I was #1 for handyman in a local search.

Still quite amazed of what I’ve done, the following week I stopped at my car insurance guys office to make a payment. We just started talking, like we always did and I asked, how’s business? He paused and replied “I just got a call from the marketing company I’ve been paying $400 a month, to renew it for another year, even though they never got me listed on the 1st page for anything. What nerve, huh! Yeah, really, how about if I get you listed on the 1st page for your services? He replied, What, you do marketing? Are you gonna get me listed like the last 4 marketing companies promised and never did? Absolutely not. I just started a marketing company and here’s what I’ll do, I’ll get you listed in the 1st page, in Google and you don’t pay me 1 red cent till I show you listed there. And then It will only cost you $200 a month, that’s half what you pay now, what do you think?

He paused, then replied, why the hell not, I’m not listed there now, so what do I need to do? Great, just remove them and add me as manager of your google local business account and then don’t renew their services, that’s it. Ok, lets do it. He was surprised to see me 3 weeks later at his office and said” your insurance payment isn’t due till next week”. I know I replied, I have something to show you. So, I pulled a chair next to his and we went on his computer. We searched his top services and he almost fell out of his chair when he saw that he was not just on the 1st page but the was #1! That was almost 6 years ago, and he has been listed in the top 5 for 6 years now. It built up so good that he now averages over 70 calls a month, and had 97 calls in November. It seems weird to stop at my insurance guys office every month so he can pay me instead of me paying him. Never met a person so happy to pay a bill every month.
It was from this experience that made me realize something. If I could get my business optimized for the best results for local marketing, I could help other businesses do the same. I know how much I had to go through, to get my business totally optimized, and I felt I needed to help other businesses do the same.
So, I starting breaking down everything I learned to create a system that anybody can follow, to improve their position in a Google local search. This Is the 1st step in getting the kind of traffic shown above. This shows you exactly how to optimize your own GMB. Normally when you hire a marketing company, they optimize your listing. I’m excited to announce that the “Optimize My Local “system, is ready for release.
Finally, I have put together a system from all that I’ve learned over the years. I know without endless days and nights, testing and re-testing, and spending thousands of dollars, I would have never been able to accomplish what my system can do.
Here’s what you’ll discover inside the
Optimize My Local system…
What really needs to be done to optimize your listing

How to claim you GMB if needed

How to manage and code your images

How to find out which keywords are beat to use.

How to set up your GMB

How to submit your a listing to Bing local
Here’s Exactly What You're About To
Get Your hands On….
Module 1 | What You need To Focus On
What works and what doesn’t
Why most businesses fail
The #1 thing that can make all the difference
Module 2 | Claiming Your Local Listing
Why many people don't claim their listing
Why you need to do it to reach page 1
The 1st step to get the listings to Page 1
Here’s What I’ll Show You  | $75  Value
Module 3 | Images
How to correctly tag your images
How to add geo location to your images
Why properly tagged images produce better results
Why it's important to tag your images
Here’s What I’ll Show You  | $199  Value
Module 1 | What You need To Focus On
What works and what doesn’t
Why most businesses fail
The #1 thing that can make all the difference
What most people think about getting a page 1 listing
Here’s What I’ll Show You  | $99  Value
Module 4 | How To Correctly Set Up
Your Business Listing
Everything you need to know and how to do it
What are the most important parts to do correctly
Step by step instructions through each section
How to set up your GMB listing for the best results
Here’s What I’ll Show You  | $199  Value
Module 5 | How To Submit Your Listing
To Bing To Get the #1 Spot
Why Bing top listings help Google listings
Why top Bing listings are so important
Why Bing gets more traffic then Yahoo
Step by step to get Bing listings to the top
Here’s What I’ll Show You  | $199  Value
Here’s Why I Spent Over $3000 Just So I could Get Top 5 Listings For My Business
The only way to correctly create anything is to learn everything possible about what you want to accomplish. This led me to buy every optimization marketing course, book, and lesson I could find online. Then, spending endless days and nights, for over 2 years to use and test each optimization tactic I learned, to see what produced the best results possible. Then making all that I’ve learned into a system anyone can follow to achieve the same results.
Here’s Why This system Would Normally Cost Over $533.00
If I were to set up a one-one session to teach you everything I’ve learned it would take at least 6 to 8 hours to go over everything so you completely understood everything needed to achieve 1st page listings. Most private one-on one session from any internet marketing expert would cost anywhere from $100 an hour to $500 and hour. Even at $100 an hour, it would cost you $600 to $800 to complete the course.

One of the reasons I can offer this system at this price is because I don’t have to do one on one sessions or mail everything to you. You get the entire system, step by step instruction, videos, templates (found below) instantly.

Because of that I’m releasing my beta version of the Optimize My Local today at the lowest price possible…….
Normally $533  TODAY JUST $90
Here’s All You Need To Do Now….
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BONUS #1 | How And Where To Submit
Your Pics To Produce The Best Results
BONUS #2 | How And Where To Submit
Your Pics To Produce The Best Results
Step by step instructions of where to submit your pics
Where to add your pics for the best results
How to add your pics to GMB and when
How to submit posts in GMB and when
How to make a high quality video and what to do with it
How to properly tag your video for best results
Step by step instructions to create a quality video
Here’s What I’ll Show You  | $59  Value
Here’s What I’ll Show You  | $149  Value